In today’s extremely hectic society there is an undeniable absence of stillness resulting from the constant flow of internal and external noise. Moreover we increasingly connect and communicate with one another in a digital way, causing us to seriously lose connection to ourselves. What we therefore desperately need is some time away from all the hussle and bussle, some time to ourselves, spent in absolute stillness, to be able to connect, reflect and just be.

Misty Mountain’s photo prints of breathtaking, serene Scandinavian landscapes will help you, in an innovative, easy, and relatively inexpensive way, create that desired splash of absolute calm and stillness in your home, your office, or any place you want to.


All our prints are available through the Nordik Living webshop. Simply click the button below to start the ordering process.


Inject a burst of stillness into your life with our eye-catching, exclusive prints.

All images will be printed on Blockout Film. This opaque material with coated backside is completely non-transparent and ensures a high scratch resistance. The paper has a smooth finish and the prints are easy to frame. Please note: frames are not included. 

Prints fit standard frames and are available in two sizes: 30 x 40 cm (EUR 65.00)  and 50 x 70 cm (EUR 85.00).

Prints will be carefully wrapped, and sent in a cardboard tube.


Our Art Collection consists of high quality photo prints mounted on an aluminium panel. The prints will be coated with a protective layer and the back of the aluminum panel has a hanging system. Prints are available in any size of your preference, up to a maximum width of 1.5 meters. 

As we are providing unique, handmade works of art, we offer the opportunity of a personal consultation aimed at finding the perfect fit (both in terms of print and size) for your interior. In case you have any questions or wish to receive a proposal, please feel free to contact us at any given point in time.


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The idea of Misty Mountain came to founder Ursula Jernberg after having experienced pure Scandinavian stillness during her initial trip to Norway in 2010. For the first time ever in her life she heard and experienced a deafening silence. It was this resounding, uncompromising silence that made her fall head over heels in love with Scandinavia. Since that trip she has regularly travelled back up North to photograph the stunning mountains and breathtaking landscapes, and to reconnect with the stillness.

She decided to combine the things that make her heart skip a beat – photography, mountains and Scandinavia – into a product line of high quality photo prints, which enable you to create your very own moment of stillness, wherever you are and whenever you desire.

Be still and enjoy the silence.

Misty Mountain – Creates Stillness


‘In our quest to find fitting pieces of art to hang on our living room walls, tranquil colours and the grandeur of the space were the two main selection criteria. We are very  happy with the pieces we chose, as they inject serenity and unity into the interior.’

– Brechtje & Tobias


‘When I look at the Iceland print, I start dreaming about road tripping with my best friend. Driving through Iceland you are basically confronted with a new, soul enriching, breathtaking, life-affirming natural sight every ten minutes. It is totally relaxing and exciting at the same time.’

– Tjeerd


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